About Mikomoto Island


Mikomoto Island is a small uninhabited island 10km southeast of Izu Peninsula. It is located in the open sea and most influenced by Kuroshio current.

If the Kuroshio Current comes close, the visibility is over 30m, the water temperature becomes higher and a strong current sometimes occurs. The diving-style is only drift diving. There is no decent rope.

Mikomoto Island provides a unique diving experience unlike any other diving areas. With dynamic topography, many fish and a chance to see big fish in a strong current, there is only a few of these elements in other places.

We do free decent and swim between huge pinnacles as big as a building and assent. Of course, things often do not swim in the middle of the rocks. We often swim into the open sea and this required some skills.
So You need to have an experience over 30dives.

The greatest highlight is a school of hammer head sharks often spotted in summer and autumn every year. The amount of hammerhead sharks that have been seen here is very unusually even if you look at it in a global scale!

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