Diving fee

  Normal fee Member fee
Mikomoto 2dives ¥17,500 (without tax) ¥16,500 (without tax)
Mikomoto 3dives ¥24,500 (without tax) ¥23,500 (without tax)
Facilities charge
(Only for customer without stay)
¥500 (without tax)

Member registration

Registration fee
¥3,000 (without tax)


  1. Diving rates are usually reduced ¥1,000 more. There is not the expiration date.
  2. There are discounted rental equipment(a float, a glove).

Accommodation Fee

A room without meals ¥2,500 (without tax) /day
It is with breakfast in one day ¥3,100 (without tax) /day
It is with breakfast
and supper in one day
¥3,700 (without tax) /day
  • Pickup from Shimoda Station to a shop is free of charge.
  • One meal is ¥600 (without tax)

Equipment Rental

Equipment Normal Fee Member Fee
Regulator ¥2,000 (without tax) /day ¥1,000 (without tax) /day
BCD ¥2,000 (without tax) /day ¥1,000 (without tax) /day
Wet suit ¥1,500 (without tax) /day ¥1,500 (without tax) /day
Dive computer ¥1,500 (without tax) /day ¥1,500 (without tax) /day
Float ¥1,000 (without tax) /day ¥500 (without tax) /day
Others(Per one point) ¥500 (without tax) /day FOC
Full set ¥8,500 (without tax) /day ¥4,500 (without tax) /day

About cancellation charge

  1. The cancellation of the day is 100% charge of your reservation.
  2. The cancellation of the day before is ¥10,000.
  3. The cancellation two days before is ¥5,000.

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